About Us

About Us



Fix My Headphones was launched online in April 2013, and is also known as FMH.
FMH first started repairing and creating ideas in 2012 as a hobby by an IT Specialist and Audio Enthusiast from the United Kingdom.

Born in a town called Rugby in Warwickshire, he has successfully developed skills and practiced techniques unique to the audio industry and believes in the motto of nothing is impossible, and the sky is the limit!

FMH is pround to be affliates of Klipsch, SONY, RAZER, JLAB Audio, Jabra, MONSTER and BOSE. Our repair work involves the following but is not limited to the following brands :- ViaBlue, Neutrik, Mogami, Canare, VanDamme, Pro Signal and VEOZ these are just a few to name.

As specialists in audio headgear our attention attracts the music industry and as the music industry is such a large industry, we have chosen to concentrate primarily on that. FMH is a relatively small operation which means we can divide our attention to each customer or business and develop a good working relationship with them, we have had many high profile clients to date and we hope to attract more attention as we continue to grow. You can also find FMH on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Since the launch of the online service the demand has been an incredible result worldwide and the continued success of FMH is reliant on you as our customer. FMH is here to stay so you can be sure that you are looked after now, and as a returning customer in the future.


Our Focus

FMH has designed this website for people who are facing functionality and audio issues with their headphones or earphones. As specialist repair technicians a lot of focus is around pushing sound to new levels of audio listening experience which is why we believe that FMH was an essential edition for audiophiles worldwide.

  The primary focus of FMH is to fix headphones and earphones and push designs to other levels of improvement by adding modifications.

Improving and increasing the lifespan of headgear is a key aspect and one which FMH believes needs to be focused on more, either with design flaws or QC issues from manufacturers of audio equipment. Until these points of failure are eliminated by manufacturers then we believe FMH will be there for you to either improve the sound quality of your audio or to bring back to life your old headgear.


Affiliate Scheme

For those of you interested we have our own Affiliate Program and also hold occasion promotions on our website which you should look out for. Simply email admin@fixmyheadphones.co.uk for more information on how you can join our affiliate network.


Our Aim

Our aim at FMH is to satisfy you as the customer, we want you to be happy with what we go out to achieve for you. It is important that you let us know about all specifics you require, if this is not done then an assumption is made based on our best judgement and recommended outcome.

We aim to provide you with the best possible service we can, we never push people into a service which is not beneficial and we won't keep on bothering you with emails, your information will never be forwarded to any third parties while you visit us. 

As specialist we like to show some of our work on our social network sites, we do not have time to post all of our work on our sites so if you have a request them please let us know before we start your repairs and we can document this on our social network sites for you to see how it was done and how the repair was completed.

Thank You

Thanks for reading about FMH. Please feel free to browse our website and send us any comments you have. If you would like to contact us, just drop us an email at admin@fixmyheadphones.co.uk we would love to hear from you and your friends :)

Fix My Headphones. AKA:-FMH